Human Web Development is a full service web development and design company. Located in the beautiful Hudson River Valley of New York, Human is devoted to delivering custom tailored software solutions for its customers, leveraging the latest in web, mobile and desktop technologies.

We believe that each and every endeavor — be it a corporate dashboard, web-based info graphic, social media widget or mobile application — should be a harmonious marriage of functionality and clean design. To emphasize one over the other means to interfere with user experience. On the other hand, when a perfect balance is struck between the two, experience has shown us that the resulting product’s value is far greater than the sum of its parts. This goal is our leading objective in every day’s work at Human.

Human draws from an efficient and professional pool of talented designers and developers to realize your creative vision for your application or website. When you are able to dispense with ego, management bloat and cloying salespeople, what you are left with is a core group of competent and effective workers whose sole concern is the success of your project. We have no obligation to pad our estimates to pay management salaries, enabling us to deliver exceptionally well-coded software at extremely competitive rates.

We hope you’ll contact us with your ideas for creating a new application, or perhaps improving upon some existing software. It would be a great pleasure to offer you a helping hand in the pursuit of your personal and business goals. After all… it is our nature.

Human Web Development is focused on creating unparalleled user experience. We thrive on learning new things and applying years of experience to each project we work on. When you work with us, you're not hiring an offshore, out-of-touch team. You are hiring a local team of professional designers and developers that will make your project realize its greatest potential.